How to Light a Cigar the Right Way
MAY 2023

How to Light a Cigar the Right Way

Whether you’re accustomed to smoking cigars or never held one before in your life, cigars can be a bit tricky to light. They are wrapped more tightly than regular cigarettes and are larger, meaning you must apply some extra effort in order to fully light one. This guide will help you understand how to light a cigar swiftly and with ease.


1) Choose a well-made cigar you want to smoke. 

Cigars come in many sizes, so when shopping for a cigar, choose a cigar you could see yourself smoking. Smell the cigar beforehand, too; if its smell is appealing, you will probably enjoy smoking it. Additionally, choose a cigar without gaps or tears in its wrapper, and avoid cigars that are mottled, spotted, or flakey.

Cigars can be up to an inch thick; if you're a new smoker, consider choosing a smaller one.

A cigar should never crumble in your hands.

If you're cigar shopping online, always read others' reviews to make sure the cigar is good quality.


2) Use an odorless flame to light the cigar. 

This includes wooden matches, torch lighters, or butane lighters; petrol lighters and candles should not be used because the odors from them will overwhelm the taste of the cigar.


3) Light your match or a butane lighter.

If you are using a match, let the head of the match completely burn out before toasting the cigar, or you may inhale a sulfur taste. When you are sure the match or lighter is lit, hold the cigar in your hand. You can hold the cigar with your thumb and pointer finger.

When using matches, wait a brief moment after lighting the match for the initial flame to reduce to a more manageable size.

If you are using matches, you may need more than one to light the cigar.

Do not hold the flame too close to your face.


4) Toast the cigar.

 You will put the lit flame once inch from the foot of the cigar (the end you do not inhale from). Hold the cigar at a 45 degree angle very close to but not directly into the flame. This will prepare it for lighting. Gently rotate the cigar as you toast it.

Toasting the foot of the cigar dries out the tobacco leaves to prepare them to light.

Toast the cigar until the tip is smoldering.

Sometimes, people just toast the cigar until it lights.


5) Place the cigar in your mouth when it begins to smolder.

After toasting the cigar for a few moments, it will begin to smoke. It isn't lit yet, but it is ready to be lit. At this time, you can place the cigar in between your lips.



6) Take short puffs from the unlighted end while holding the cigar close to the flame.

 This draws the flame into the cigar and lights the end. Just as before, do not hold the cigar into the flame, but just above it. Never inhale cigar smoke as if you are smoking a cigarette; this can cause an unpleasant feeling and can make you nauseous.

You can blow gently across the lit end of the cigar to see how evenly it has been lit.

When it is evenly lit, the entire end will glow.

You want to only put the very end of your cigar in your mouth to avoid getting too much saliva on the end.

Continue to puff the cigar and rotate it until the tip is glowing.